A mission cannot be effectively achieved if there is no concrete vision supporting it. For any mission to be successful there has to be a clear and a defined vision. Only when there is a proper balance of a mission and a vision, can any plan or project be likely successful. Sharma Group Media Services Private Limited has a well defined vision that will serve its purpose in the long run.

Our country India is suffering from the ailment of unemployment from a long time. The situation of unemployment causes hindrance in the process of development of India. To tackle this major issue, Sharma Group Media Services Private Limited has come up with a project. The vision of this project is to make India rid of the problem of unemployment.

The agenda is to generate employment opportunities in 13 states among 4 crore people of the country; villages and cities alike. The vision is to achieve this plan within a time span of 3 years, i.e from the year 2018 to 2020.

The vision is not only to increase the ratio of the employed, but to enhance the quality of work along with people getting satisfaction in their jobs.

Some of the services that encompass this vision are job opportunities in villages, improvements in the farms, construction of proper sanitation facilities, beautifying the ponds/lakes, transportation conditions, water conditions, electricity supply, to mention some of them.

There are certain units that the project entails. Some of these units are media unit, agriculture unit, furniture unit, masala unit, online marketing unit, housing project, etc. Various employment opportunities shall be generated among educated as well as non-educated population of the country according to their caliber and skills.

The vision of the project, thus, is to make Berozgaar Mukt Bharat. The attempt is to make a remarkable contribution to the honorable Prime Minister’s Bharat Nirman Campaign. To see India achieve its potential for full employment in the next years is the ultimate vision of this project.