Sports tell us a lot about ourselves as individuals and as a society. Sports occupy a prominent place in the life of a nation. They are also an indicator of the culture of a country. It is through sports that one can display their skills and physical prowess in a healthy yet competitive manner.

The importance of sports encompasses various arenas such as physiological, psychological, sociological, etc. Sports in India today have comparatively gained much improvement than before. The conditions of sports in villages, though gradually, are also improving. People have started taking up sports seriously and not just a hobby.

Sharma Group Media Services Private Limited is determined to uplift the conditions of sports in the country. The project is entailed towards the improvement of sports holistically. In villages, a lot of people have potential. They exhibit all the skills to not only perform better in sports but even to take up sports as an entire career option for themselves.

The only hindrance is that the proper training and quality guidance is not being able to reach them. This does not permit the people who already exhibit the skills to display their caliber to the world. Therefore, a lot of India’s talent and skills in the field of sports goes wasted in a non-channelized way.

The project aims to improve this situation so that required skills can be polished up and people can start getting productive results out of sports also. We all are aware of the fact that the citizens of our country have immense talent and caliber. All we need is to tap the talent and refine it. This will certainly facilitate the improvement and up gradation of the situation of sports in the country.