Any campaign or project is worthless if it does not have a certain mission. To execute a plan or a project as desired, a well thoughtful mission is a must. Sharma Group Media Services Private Limited is very clear and transparent with its mission. The goal of Sharma Group Media Services Private Limited is to make India unemployment free. The aim is to make contribution to the great Bharat Nirman Project and take India further towards the path of development.

We all aware of how important are employment for all the citizens of a country. Focusing on this, the projects aims to improve and enhance the present employment situation of our nation. The mission is to provide employment opportunities to a total population of 4 crore citizens residing in both rural as well as urban India.

The plan is envisaged from the year 2018 to year 2020, i.e. within next 3 years. The purpose incorporates to take forward the honorable Prime Minister’s dream of Berozgaar Mukt Bharat. To not only provide employment is on our agenda, but to provide quality employment is our mission. The project will benefit both educated as well as non-educated masses. Employment will be given in consideration to their respective skills and caliber.

The work plan module comprise of the following- increasing job opportunities, improving the quality of work, drainage services, continuous suuply of water, electricity situation, transportation services, sports services, flora and fauna, etc.

Sharma Group Media Services Private Limited aims to take India to new heights with this project. The attempt is to make a strong contribution to the great Bharat Nirman Campaign and mark its name with a substantial input within these upcoming 3 years.