Vision 2018-2020

It is rightly said that a nation can only prosper when its citizens excel and prosper. And in this prosperity, employment plays, if not entire, a major role. How can our motherland, Bharat, reach the pinnacle of success when its people stay unemployed or jobless?! Bharat is suffering with severe underemployment situation. What is needed is the creation of high productivity and high wage jobs.

Unless we bring about substantial change, low productivity and low wage jobs are likely to prevail in the present bothersome landscape. The government of Bharat is already trying hard to tackle this gross issue of employment and lead the country towards development through its Bharat Nirman project. With the similar vision and mission, Sharma Group Media Services Private Limited is laying down the project to make Bharat unemployment-ridden.

Sharma Group Media Services Private Limited is not just a name of any other company. Our agenda and objective stand completely different from any other Private Limited Company. We envisage making Bharat a nation which is rid of unemployment. To see Bharat and its people earn their livelihood smoothly and efficiently is our sole aim. With this goal, Sharma Group Media Services Private Limited firmly seeks to provide employment in 13 states, including both the villages as well as the cities, to around 4 crore people within a time span of 3 years, i.e. from 2018 – 2020. Quality jobs will be generated for educated as well as non-educated population.

The agenda is not just to increase the ratio of the employed, but to enhance the quality of work along with job satisfaction. Some of the services that encompass this vision are job opportunities in villages, improvements in the farms, construction of proper sanitation facilities, beautifying the ponds/lakes, transportation conditions, water conditions to name a few.

After due permission granted by the honorable Government of India’s Corporate Ministry, Sharma Group Media Services Private Limited began its work according to the well-formulated work plan. The company has kept numerable job units in its memorandum. Some of them are as follows-

These multiple and diverse job units are made keeping in mind a certain agenda. The purpose is to serve to the huge Bharat Nirman Campaign. Not to miss, honorable Prime Minister’s dream of providing innumerable employment or job opportunities can be fulfilled with this well thought of memorandum.

Sharma Group Media Services Private Limited holds the eligibility to begin and run any or all the jobs in any State of India. All the activities and operations will be administered and executed by a carefully designed Organizational Department of the company. This Department has various sub departments under it. Some of them are-

  • HRM & Admin Department
  • Finance Department
  • Business Development
  • Project Development
  • Sales Department
  • Supply Department
  • Technical Department
  • Service Department
  • Store Department; etc
All Positions

Thereby, the vision is to make Bharat unemployment free.

The project firmly aims to provide quality employment opportunities to a population of 4 crore rural and urban population in 1 States from 2018 – 2020.

The agenda is to contribute to honorable Prime Minister’s vision of Berozgaar Mukt Bharat.