About 70% of Indian population lives in rural India. This suggests that out of 121 crore of India’s population, 83.3 crore live in rural India whereas 37.7 crore live in urban areas. Housing is one of the basic requirements for the survival of a human being.

Access to adequate housing has been recognized as the basic human right by the United Nations. This housing doesn’t only mean providing a mere roof for survival. But it comprises of living a safe and a dignified lifestyle as well. The Government of India has launched various schemes to solve the problem of inadequate housing in rural as well as urban India. Bharat Nirman is one such big campaign initiated and well implemented by the Government of India which caters to the issue of improper housing in the country.

The Government of India already has a running scheme to provide proper and decent housing facilities to the citizens of rural India. Sharma Group Media Services Private Limited also aims to contribute to this cause via its project. With its project, the company aims to provide economical housing facilities to the citizens of our rural India with poor income level.

The project aims to ensure that the households with weaker income level get proper housing facilities so as to lead a decent and comfortable lifestyle.

In the longer run, the expectations and the agenda is that the project will be in alignment with the Bharat Nirman project introduced by the Government of India. The problem of inadequate housing shall be solved.

Buildings shall be constructed on an affordable amount under the village culture which in turn will result in a profound social change in the lives of people.