A nation can fully develop and progress only if its animals are well treated. The rural economy is totally dependent upon the animal husbandry for their livelihood.

Recognizing the dependency of farmers on animal husbandry for their living we’re efficiently meeting the quality cattle and poultry feed in the country.

Majority of farmers in our country still rely on the conventional technologies of livestock and poultry rearing which leads to economic loss and low yield.

We introduce farmers to the modern technological practices which ensure sustainable value addition in the overall yield and production. To keep abreast the changing market we have upgraded our infrastructure and supply balanced compounded food to the farmers. With the growing cost of dairy and poultry farming, it’s difficult to find an innovative brand of feed at a reasonable price.

We have emerged as a leading player in supporting our rural communities by promoting, planning and organizing dairy development and milk production to many small and marginal farmers.

With the bliss that India has the largest dairy herd and is the third largest in egg production in this world, animal feed and poultry can establish linkage between individuals turning into cooperatives to increase the yield and production. We not only offer extensive services to the farmers but we also provide protection to poultry and livestock from ravages of diseases and infection. This ensures the supply of milk and milk products from only healthy and disease free animals. We are also entrusted with the entire responsibility of all aspects of poultry and livestock development.

This creates a consequent generation of employment opportunities in the local communities and villages. The small farmers are provided cattle and other milk yielding animals by the company so that we can buy milk from them at an affordable rate and supply the milk and milk products in the market. This subsidiary of agriculture provides the much-needed insurance and a kind of sustainable livelihood to the rural population. Our unwavering commitment to quality and innovative production capabilities can help the country progress to a breakthrough level.